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Some Constellation testimonies as told by our clients themselves

Say Yes To Education Foundation, Inc

We hired Constellation Advancement to conduct a feasibility and planning study for the multi-million-dollar endowment campaign to support our district-wide education initiative in Syracuse, New York. The team from Constellation quickly convened a steering committee including the President of Syracuse University and our key stakeholders.  Over the course of a snowy Syracuse winter two principals from Constellation conducted interviews and reported back to the committee about progress.  We found them to be sensitive to our marketing issues and adept at testing our case for support with the local audience.

In the middle of the interview process the team from Constellation identified a multi-million-dollar prospect for our cause. Constellation took swift action to organize a solicitation team to pursue the opportunity. As a result, a five-million-dollar gift was publicly announced at a celebration event in the Carrier Dome before the completion of the three-month study process.

At the conclusion of the study Constellation presented a report of findings that included a detailed look at our fund raising opportunities and challenges in Syracuse. They helped us recruit a Leadership Council from the steering committee in order to structure and drive our campaign.  They used their contacts gained during the study to help position our newly-hired campaign director for success.

We were pleased to work in Syracuse with Dave Gallagher and Chris Cloud from Constellation. We found them to be excellent team members and we are proud of our success there. We were also pleased to hire Constellation when we decided to retain fund raising counsel to drive our national fundraising ambitions. We are happy to recommend them.

Mary Anne Schmitt-Carey
Say Yes To Education Foundation, Inc