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SearchLight is a specialized search product that we developed in collaboration with clients. Unlike a traditional search service, we partner with your office to provide counsel about job descriptions and postings, and then work with you to screen candidates.

We help personalize each search, working with you to create a welcoming film clip about the job that is embedded in your institutional website. We give you the benefit of our network and hiring experience.  We then partner with you to screen and interview finalists. Because the many of the functions of the search are shouldered by you, the expense of SearchLight is half or less of a traditional search, and often with better results. Where desired, we will also provide full, traditional executive search service.

Gift Planning Search

Because gift planning is a specialty field requiring a more technical skill set than other resource development positions, it can be very difficult to attract the ideal candidates. To meet this need we offer three gift planning search products.

Gift Planning Match combines our industry leading gift planning assessment, search, temporary staffing and gift planning consulting services into one, discounted package for the benefit of your non-profit.  This process offers broad-based benefit to our clients and helps identify the type of gift planning professional who would fit with your organization.

Gift Planning Executive Search is a full service product that employs our specialized skillset in gift planning search to find the right candidate who brings the appropriate level of gift planning expertise for your organization.

Gift Planning SearchLight is for existing clients in need of assistance filling a gift planning vacancy. We partner with you to advise about a search that you conduct using our SearchLight methodology.