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Comprehensive fund raising campaigns and other services

Constellation Advancement, LLC is a boutique fund raising consultancy practice.  Our approach is to work with non-profits where we can deliver the most tangible results. We pride ourselves on scalability, meaning that we will assist you with concentrated help ranging from half a day to two days per week, with flexible availability at other times. We will work with you to make the service affordable.

Professional fund raising is a combination of marketing, public relations and sales discipline. Our organization includes professionals from the top echelon of their areas of expertise. In particular, specialize in:

  • supervision, focus and reporting for development offices
  • major gifts outreach and board development
  • devising and running fund raising campaigns
  • developing marketing and advocacy themes that work with fund raising
  • feasibility planning studies to determine the viability of a campaign
  • research to find funding sources
  • ticketed event design, execution and follow up
  • annual fund management that creates a pipeline of major gifts prospects