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At the nexus of vision and reality is philanthropy

The philanthropic landscape is changing more rapidly than most non-profit organizations. The New Philanthropists, those born after 1945, are focused on outcomes-based, donor-centered philanthropy. This model, requires non-profits to allow donors to restrict gifts and clearly demonstrate the impact of philanthropy. Non-profits that can adapt to the new situation will capture the high ground and thrive in the future. Those that cannot adapt will struggle.

The motivations of most donors have changed since the financial downturn. They now support fewer causes. They seek measurable impact. They want to make a difference in tangible and real ways. The map has changed for engaging them and securing their help.

If you have a vision for how your non-profit organization could create more beneficial impact, then we could be your partners in finding more partners and more philanthropic revenue to realize that vision. Please review our menu of services and read more about us.